What is learned in foreign languages?

            The learning area for foreign languages is aimed at enabling learners to acquire a favourable attitude towards foreign languages, the ability to use foreign languages for communicating in various situations, seeking knowledge, engaging in a livelihood, and pursuing further education at higher levels. Learners will thus have knowledge and understanding of stories and cultural diversity of the world community, and will be able to creatively convey Thai concepts and culture to the global society. The main contents include:

Language for Communication: use of foreign languages for listening, speaking, reading and writing, exchanging data and information, expressing feelings and opinions, interpreting, presenting data, concepts and views on various matters, and creating interpersonal relationships appropriately.

Language and Culture: use of foreign languages harmonious with culture of native speakers; relationships, similarities and differences between languages and cultures of native speakers; languages and cultures of native speakers and Thai culture; and appropriate application.Language and Relationship with Other Learning Areas: use of foreign languages to link knowledge with other learning areas, forming the basis for further development, seeking knowledge and broadening learners’ world views and the use of foreign languages in various situations, both in the classroom and the outside community.


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